awards for "Still Me"
Best Actress, Best of Mitten Movie Project 2010
Winner, Audience Choice Award, Mitten Movie Project 2010
Official Selection, Blue Water Film Festival 2010
Winner, Best Short Film, Big Bear Int'l Film Festival 2008
Winner, Best Family Film, Secret City Film Festival, 2008

"Tina Gloss-Finnell is a delight...[doing] a fantastic job of quickly adapting and forcefully demonstrating the best and worst of each trait the men come up's easy to see why Bill can't question [her] presence for long."
- Encore Michigan

"The big surprise here is Gloss-Finnell, who recently returned to the Detroit area from Los Angeles...she has the most challenging role because she must immediately adapt to whatever changes the guys make to Bill's list."
- Detroit Free Press

"Tina Gloss...has amazing stage presence, to the point where she becomes the focal point in each scene... The scenes where Tina Gloss and [Dennis] Delsing played opposite each other were not only mesmerizing, but sparks flew."

"...eccentric Eva (Tina Gloss Finnell) [uses her] inner viciousness [to exact] a particular kind of revenge."
- Tolucan Times

"One of the saving graces [of the show] is Eva! She is so very Peyton from "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle." [She is] pure evil and lovely."

"Gloss is elegant and witty..."
- Long Beach Press Telegram

"Tina Gloss becomes the very essence of [Katharine] Hepburn in confidence and demeanor..."
- The Signal

"Gloss is a near-dead ringer for Hepburn and has the actress's mannerisms, voice and vocal rhythms nailed."
- Orange County Register

"Gloss flaunted the second-oldest profession as Miss Merrilee Fancy...and delighted the audience as much as the on-stage recipients of her charming wiles."
- Dearborn Times-Herald

"[Philip] Bower and Gloss prove worthy adversaries..."
- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Tina Gloss' Mog Morna is sneeringly evil."
- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"I enjoyed working with Tina so much that, when I was putting my team together [for Gorey Stories], I asked her to come on as a producer and she stepped into the role magnificently. Several aspects of the production simply would not have happened if not for her expertise and professionalism. She organized all of our benefits, which were huge successes, and has been an invaluable member of my award-winning production team."
- Michael Franco, producer/writer/director/designer/actor

"Having directed Tina in Angels in America, I was impressed with not only her work, but also work ethic. ...She has tons of potential, and with such a strikingly beautiful face, will work... "
- Harold Jurkiewicz, director

"Tina...possesses a wonderful comedic sensibility and versatility, as well as a warm, supportive personality. She is [a] talented and strong leading lady."
- Joe Olivieri, acting program, UCLA

"Tina [is] outstanding actress...[and] endeared herself to our visitors with her warmth and caring manner, as well as her great enthusiasm and energy."
- Scott T. Denis, senior program development specialist, Henry Ford Museum

"Tina, by far, is one of the most capable and talented people I've ever worked with. I promoted her to being my Associate Producer because of her competency, intelligence and ability to step up to the plate with grace and a smile, no matter what she has been called forth to do. Tina is able to handle whatever production needs arise, including organization, script planning, set design and guest management. As a bonus, she's also able to make on-camera appearances when needed. I am spoiled now and am most grateful to have had Tina on my team."
- Dr. Sheri Meyers, host and producer, "Straight From The Heart"